Virtual tours on iOS using the 3DVista app for offline viewing

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The old method to upload a tour to the 3DVista app for offline viewing described here is now obsolete:

Apple has removed iTunes and replaced it with Podcast, Apple TV, Music and Books.  The idea behind this is to match the apps on mobile devices and desktop.

For that they have added a mobile device management, including sync functions to the Finder.

To upload tours to the 3DVista App follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your desktop and open Finder
  2. Finder adds the iPhone to the sidebar, under Locations
  3. Finder identifies 10 tabs – from General, Music,……. Files, Info.
  4. You will see 3DVista Under "Files"
  5. Copy and Sync the tours from your desktop to 3DVista app.  The sync will then be reflected on the iPhone or iPad in the Finder