Save As Vs Duplicate

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What’s the difference between “Save”, “Save as”, “Duplicate” and “Export”?

Each of these options has its very own purpose and one may occupy more disc space than the other. Here’s what each of them do:

  • Save: Saves your project internally in a folder generated by VT PRO. If you previously selected “Save as” with a target folder of your choice, “Save” will then save the project there as well. That’s why it appears as Save “NAME.vtp” because it’s stored there as well as internally.

  • Save as: Lets you select a target folder in your browser where to store the project. Maintains the same project ID. What does that mean? Each project has a unique ID. When you hit "Save As" the project maintains the same internal ID. That allows you to use the same hosting ID, same temporal/cache folder, same slot in My Tours, etc… This will not create a new tour in the “My Tours” tab. Not useful for taking your project to another computer. For that, use “export with media”, instead.

  • Duplicate: This is the option to use if you want to create a new item in your “My Tours” tab. To duplicate a project (and hence give it a new project ID) load the project and press the "Project / Duplicate" option. This will create a new project on “My Tours” with a different ID and allows you to upload this new tour to hosting without overwriting the old project. This will occupy more disc space and result in a longer time to load the first preview (similar to clean cache).

  • Export - Create Project Backup with Media: Exports your project including all media (panoramas, photos, icons etc.) so that it can be opened on another computer for future editing etc. This takes the most disc space but makes sure your projects are ready to be used in the future, even if you already switched to a new computer.