EXE file reported as malicious by antivirus

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3DVista VT PRO lets you create your virtual tours as standalone files that works for offline playing in Windows and Mac (EXE and DMG). Sometimes, some antivirus give a false positive on the EXE files and detect them as malicious or potentially dangerous. While a quick call or email to the Antivirus developer usually solves the issue, sometimes they are not very responsive or the times until they whitelist the files are long. Here are 2 ways to circumvent the problem:

Method A: Publish the tour using the For Web option instead of the standalone format. Then create a zip file with this content and the Tour Viewer App, that is the app that will allow you to run the web version offline (just drag and drop the folder with the tour or the html file on the icon of the program). You can find the Tour Viewer program here:

C:\Program Files\3DVista\3DVista Virtual Tour\bin\server\tourlauncher_win 

Method B The other option is to unzip the EXE file published using 7zip (this program lets you unzip the EXE like if it is a zip file) and then create an actual zip file with the content. This zip file can be then sent to the client avoiding the antivirus problem and all the client has to do is to the Tour Viewer program and drag and drop the html file on it.